July 14, 2019


Pretty much anyone seeking maternity services is looking for choice being offered and having options available, feeling supported and heard, being respected, and for information to be presented clearly and sensitively.

Whichever package of care you choose, appointments are long enough and frequent enough to facilitate this kind of care. Initial consultations are free of charge, full care (from booking appointment through birth and then to 6-8 weeks after birth ) costs £4000. Individual clinical or debriefing sessions cost £150 each. Details of these and other packages of care are available, see below. Antenatal classes are available here.

You will be listened to: you are any Midwife’s best source of information regarding your own well-being and the welfare of your growing baby.

You will be given up to date evidence based information including where appropriate ‘nobody knows, there just isn’t the research’ which is rather more commonly true than I’d want it to be.

You will be offered the widest menu of available options in any given scenario, and the pros and cons of each option given time for consideration and informative discussion.

You will be given time and support to choose the option which feels most appropriate for you, as there is no ‘golden path’ route through maternity.

You will then be supported on that path, given regular signposting of any alternative routes that arise and the freedom to entirely change direction at any point if your feelings change. Your choices will be defended if they are negated by other service providers.

You will not be told what to do but you will be given unbiased, non-coercive information so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. I do not practice ‘fluffy bunnies’ midwifery as there are never any guarantees in maternity (as there are none in life), but scaremongering is not an acceptable aspect of any maternity care provision. The pros and cons of your various options will be explained to you with robust research evidence supplied where available. The role of a good midwife is to generally assume there will be good outcomes (as that is mostly the case) but to be always already vigilant and prepared for any deviations from normal, just in case, and to support you and your baby as safely as possible through these.  

Initial Consultation:

This is usually the first step and helps people decide if they want to book for care and what package might suit them best. I come to your home – or workplace if that’s more convenient for you – and you can ask whatever you need to and discuss what your best options for care might involve, whether with me or the NHS or both together. This doesn’t commit you to anything and it does not include any clinical care. You don’t even need to already be pregnant. There is no charge for this consultation if within 20 miles of my Leeds 7 base.  There is a small mileage charge if beyond that. Please ask for details.

Full Care Package 

This is the most comprehensive option as it includes all care from booking (at whatever gestation you happen to be) until your baby is around six weeks old. My whole care package including antenatal, birth and postnatal costs £4000 whether you are planning a home or hospital birth, but I really don’t expect all that at once. This involves as many visits as you need during your pregnancy, two midwives booked for your homebirth (I arrange a second Midwife to back me with your consent, arrange for you to get to know them beforehand and make sure you are comfortable with them. You are not obliged to have a second Midwife but it is considered best practice to have one available) and however many visits you need postnatally until around 6 weeks after birth.

A typical schedule of visits is:

Two hour or so booking visit, followed by monthly hour long visits until around 28 weeks gestation, increasing to fortnightly visits until 36 weeks when visits become weekly until 42 weeks. If you and your baby choose to continue with your pregnancy beyond then visits become twice weekly, including accompanying you to any hospital appointments you may choose to attend for longer pregnancies. I offer a ‘belly casting ‘ session at around 36-38 weeks gestation which is of course optional but is included in the package price. 

You call me when you want me to attend you in labour, whenever that is as I’m on call for your birthing from 37 weeks gestation until whenever it is, and I stay until you are comfortably settled with your new baby after birth. Feeding support is embedded in birth and postnatal care as standard. Visits are then daily for around a week, as usual lasting around an hour, then every other day for a further week, then spacing out as feels right for you. Discharge is never before your baby is six weeks old, and sometimes if there are any outstanding issues it is extended for longer. With this package, if you need more care you get more, without additional cost.

Antenatal Care:

This package costs £1500 and includes as many visits as you need, birth planning, birth debriefing if appropriate, routine clinical care and evidence based information giving. There is no ‘golden path’ through your pregnancy journey, so I aim to support people to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies with as much information as you want and need so you can choose what it right for you, and I then support you on that path. A typical schedule of visits is booking visit which is two hours long to facilitate taking a full medical and obstetric history, then once a month until 30 weeks gestation, fortnightly until 36 weeks, weekly until 42, then twice weekly until you give birth. Visits are generally an hour to allow for full discussion of your options at any given point. I offer a ‘belly casting ‘ session at around 36-38 weeks gestation which is of course optional but is included in the package price. 

Postnatal Care:

This package costs £1500 and includes as many visits as you need, with an emphasis on supporting your rest and recovery following birth and your transition into early parenthood, whether this is your first baby or your newest. The typical schedule of visits after birth is daily for a week, then every other day for the second week, then twice weekly, then starting to space out as is right for you. I provide all routine clinical care that you opt for based in the home setting, including the blood spot screening test for your baby and weighing. For those women wanting to breastfeed, support, encouragement and guidance is built into the package. For those women wanting to mix-feed or formula feed, again support and guidance is provided. All women are given tips on hand expressing, avoiding engorgement and recognising and responding to signs of mastitis. Your holistic wellbeing is assessed and supported, including your emotional needs, as well as physical and mental good health. I offer a ‘placenta print’ as part of this package, and placenta smoothie assistance if required, again both optional but included in the package price.

Combined Antenatal and Postnatal Care:

This package includes all elements of the two individual packages but costs £2800.

Birth Photography

As a professional photographer by background, I am happy to take photographs during your maternity journey. However, as a Registered Midwife I am obliged to hold indemnity cover for every birth I attend in whatever capacity as my Professional Regulator stated that I ‘may’ have to act in my capacity of Midwife no matter why I am at the birth. Unfortunately this means I am no longer able to offer competitively priced birth photography unless you are booking my full package of care (where I am already indemnified), and where my primary function would be as your midwife. I do not charge any extra on top of the full care package price for taking birthing photographs.

Placenta printing 

Individual or small group placenta printing sessions offered, or I can make a print from your placenta for you. Prices and information on storage and end use following printing on request.

Belly casting

Individual belly casting including all materials to the ‘plain cast’ stage: booking essential between 36-38 weeks gestation. Please contact me if you tend to birth earlier than this, or have a family history which suggests you might. Casting is done in your own home and costs £160.00. Small groups are possible on request, please ask for prices.

Birth advocacy

Birth planning sessions, during which you can talk through a previous birth if relevant, and plan for a future one, can help you approach your care provider with confidence. Sessions are flexible and tailored to your individual needs and preferences. You may want help with formalising a written plan, or to prepare for different scenarios such as planning for twin, breech or postdates (beyond 42 weeks) births. Whatever the circumstances, being aware of your options can help you prepare and stay in control and helps improve outcomes for both you and your baby. These sessions are suitable for your first or subsequent baby or babies, and for any care and birth setting. You can book a birth planning session at any stage of pregnancy, or even before conception.

I offer birth debriefing service which includes a notes review if you have your previous notes. I can help you obtain them if you do not. Sometimes a debrief can help with ongoing birth trauma, or settle questions you may have from your birth experience. Sometimes it just helps to talk through any concerns you may have with someone who understands the system and the jargon. However, very often birth debriefs, especially notes reviews, do not answer every question and may even throw up new ones. Often when people seek a debrief, what happened clinically is important, but how you were made to feel is equally or even more important than that. If the debrief indicates it is appropriate, I can then signpost you to further help and support and assist you with the referral process.

Birth planning and debrief sessions cost £100 each. For many people one is enough.

Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes offered periodically in Leeds to small groups. Please see https://leedsindependentantenatalgroup.com/ for details or follow us on Facebook. We are happy to provide individual of small group sessions elsewhere. Discounted places available if you host a group. Please contact me to discuss.  


Please note that if you book a package of care and complexities arise in your pregnancy or postnatal journey there are no additional costs in terms of extra visits from me, liaising with additional services or where I am accompanying you to hospital appointments. However if you would prefer to pay for single visits the initial booking appointment costs £250 with subsequent clinical visits costing £150 each. I cannot offer birth care on this basis. 

For all care options I charge mileage for the number of miles over 30 from LS7 3JT. Please ask for price details if this applies to you.


Normally, the first £500 is payable on booking to begin to cover my work. After that people usually set up a standing order for monthly or weekly payments that fit into their budget. Flexible payment plans really are fine and I do not charge interest. I want it to be manageable.


If you are able to pay as a lump sum I offer £100 discount off full care and combined packages and £75 off antenatal only and postnatal only packages. 

I only take on one full care client per month so that I can dedicate my time and attention to them. This means I am frequently booked up for certain months in advance, so please contact me as soon as possible if you are considering care. I will not offer an initial consultation for an already booked month unless you are considering non-birth packages of care.

Please note that I do not offer a discount for late bookings for full care. It is essential for your safety and wellbeing that we have a good relationship before your birthing so that I can provide the level of care you deserve. Later bookings do not ‘save’ on time or visits, as I will provide a more condensed schedule than usual, and the background admin for your birthing is the same. For the same reasons of your safety I do not offer birth care without antenatal and postnatal care.